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Smart end-users merge

Are you working with different channels with many customers?

Smart End-Users Merge offers an easy, intuitive, “one-click” solution for detection and merge of potentially “duplicate” end-users.  Smart End-Users Merge checks if the current ticket requester has a potential duplicate end-users at your Zendesk environment by matching name, phone and WhatsApp numbers.

Selected end-users can be easily merged into the current ticket’s requester by clicking on the “Merge” button.

The merge mechanism is based on Zendesk’s native standard “Merge user” mechanism, according to that functionality, benefits, and limitations.

Please note:  The merge cannot be undone, so please be careful to select the correct user accounts.

Automatic detection of potential duplicate end-users based on their phone and WhatsApp number.

Easy "One click" merge of potential duplicates.

Based on native Zendesk "Merge user" mechanism.

Requires "zero" time user's adoption and/or training.



3 months package

135 USD per Zendesk account (45 USD per month)

6 months package

240 USD per Zendesk account (40 USD per month)

12 months package

420 USD per Zendesk account (35 USD per month)

*** Please note: All prices are per Zendesk instance and not per agent.

Smart End-Users Merge pricing
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